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We specialize in many refinance loan options and we are here to educate you on every option available.

  • Is A Cash-Out Home Refinance Right For You?

    Often homeowners find themselves looking to use equity to cover other expenses but aren’t sure how to best approach the situation. One option we offer, a cash-out refinance, allows you to replace your current mortgage. In doing so, you create a new agreement, at a potentially new rate, term, and balance. Your monthly mortgage may even end up being less! With the possibility of lowering your interest rate, while utilizing some equity, you gain complete flexibility; possibly saving money!

    What is a Cash-Out Refinance?

    By replacing your current loan with a new loan of higher balance, you are requesting a “cash-out” of your equity. The difference in the principal balance of the two loans (old and new) is your “cash-out”. The cash-out refinance allows for new terms to the mortgage (i.e. interest rate, length of term, etc).

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  • You no longer have to have a loan payment due each month. Reverse mortgages allow those aged 62 or older to maintain the title and ownership of their home without paying a monthly mortgage payment for principle and interest. As with any mortgage, the borrower remains responsible for the payment of property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and home maintenance.

    These materials are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a government agency.

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  • Many programs allow borrowers to do streamline refinances.  If you are currently on a VA or FHA loan for at least 6 months of payments made, then you can reset your rate by doing a streamline refinance.  These are great because they require no income or asset verifications, have more flexible credit qualifications, and usually don’t require an appraisal.  The average streamline closes in ten days from start to finish.  USDA also has a similar option if you’ve been in your current USDA loan for at least 12 months. 

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  • You can also refinance your mortgage with most of our home purchase options:

    • All In One

    • Commercial

    • Conventional – As little as 3% down

    • High Balance and Jumbo – Loan amounts up to 25 million

    • Condo’s

    • FHA – As little as 3.5% Down

    • VA – For veterans and up to 100%

    • USDA – Up to 100%, does have income and geographic restrictions

    • Section 184 – As little as 2.25% down, specifically for Native Americans with a federal roll card, tribal land acceptable.

    • Investment Property

    • Second/Vacation Homes

    • Unique Property Types

    • 2nd Mortgages

    • Land Only

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